Why doing IT business in Ukraine

Why contracting for IT services/business in Ukraine?

Ukraine is politically and economically oriented on western markets, which makes it one of the most attractive post soviet countries for business development and investment.

Trading volume between the USA and Ukraine has increased in year 2008 by 72.3% in comparison with the year 2007. There are 1588 companies with American capital working in Ukraine today.

During the soviet regime, Ukraine played the central role in IT, scientific and industrial development in the Soviet Union. Based on the network of itís tens of top-level universities, Ukraine built up its human capital with highly educated professionals in exact sciences and especially in the domain of cybernetics.

Ukraine is active in the world IT market for the past 10 years. The continuing tradition for special emphasis to scientific education in Ukraine is the reason that professional experience and knowledge as well as English language skills of Ukrainian IT specialists are uniquely favorable to meeting western requirements. Therefore there is no need for foreign companies to invest in the additional professional training of Ukrainian project designers and managers.

Todayís economical situation in Ukraine allows foreign businesses to form optimum cost effective budgets for project design and skilled staff.

The existing quantity and quality of IT specialists in Ukraine makes the IT industry substantially independent from state support and therefore free from the political issues which decreases political risks for foreign companies.

There are many positive precedents for IT businesses worldwide to develop customer-focused projects with Ukrainian IT specialists.

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