PassOn Solutions

Encore Discovery Solutions is a leading global provider of high quality and innovative electronic and paper discovery solutions to Fortune 500 corporations and AmLaw 200 law firms. Ranked by the respected Socha-Gelbmann Electronic Discovery Survey as one of the nation’s “Top 10 overall” electronic data discovery service providers, our focus on quality and client service is second to none. We currently host client data that equates to more than 20 times the volume of documents archived in the Library of Congress.

For three decades LOGS has been the leader in designing comprehensive and cost-effective legal and outsourcing solutions for the residential mortgage and consumer credit industry. Our strong reputation is built upon the foundation of a unique nationwide legal, trustee and title network and a robust professional mortgage servicing staff that provides the finest performance available in the industry.

Ericpol Telecom is an independent software vendor and service provider. Delivered to a broad scope of customers globally, our services span a variety of specialist projects: from R&D to software development to consultancy to training. Our portfolio offers a wide range of products tailored to our customers’ needs not only technology-wise, but also by establishing the most satisfying structure of co-operation.

Succeed Corporation provides small businesses with a suite of Internet based tools necessary for businesses to succeed in the Internet age. Up until recently, that manifested itself in the form of web hosting, e-commerce, email, and basic online marketing. Now, it includes online banking, financial services, collaboration, intricate integration with suppliers and customers, advanced customer service, advanced marketing, and so much more.

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